Stevenson & Associates


Vibration Engineering

The vibration engineering arm of S&A has provided state of the art vibration elimination services to industrial and commercial clients for more than two decades.

  • Design consulting to owners, architects and builders for low-vibration manufacturing and research facilities
  • Development of vibration specifications for equipment
  • Vibration, stiffness, acoustics and EMI testing for installation of sensitive equipment including photolithography tools, electron microscopes, lasers, optics
  • Isolation mounting and foundations for energetic equipment including, pumps, compressors, HVAC, shakers, piping, roof mounted equipment
  • Evaluation of ground vibration from traffic, rail, blast, construction
  • Problem solving and remediation for structure-borne vibration in industrial, research, and commercial buildings

Design projects include:

  • SUNY Albany Nanofab - State-of-the-art microelectronics 300 mm research facility.  Provided design recommendations for all aspects of vibration control including foundation, structure, bracing and equipment isolation. 
  • HeJian Fab 8N, Suzhou, China – Worked handling all aspects of vibration control starting with the building design (column spacing, floor design, ballroom truss, and foundation) to vibration and seismic design of all architectural, equipment and piping systems including the process tools.
  • UMC Fab 12A, Tainan, Taiwan – Worked directly for UMC addressing both seismic and vibration issues for their first 300 mm facility.  Provided recommendations for all isolation techniques and bracing schemes.  Provided remedial design recommendations for problem areas based on actual site visits during various stages of plant construction.