Stevenson & Associates


About S&A

S&A provides civil, structural and mechanical engineering for high value and special performance facilities.  We have developed knowledge and tools to meet difficult requirements and to protect against unusual hazards.  We provide design solutions for earthquake, wind, blast, heavy load, impact, flood, power piping, thermal, hazard containment, equipment qualification and vibration.  S&A has an approved Quality Assurance program in place to meet strict code and regulatory requirements.

Founded in 1981 and known initially for providing expert seismic and structural engineering to the nuclear power industry, S&A has continuously expanded its services and markets.  We maintain a strong presence in the nuclear power industry and now also serve fossil, hydro, defense, risk/insurance, high technology manufacturing and equipment suppliers.  Our skills encompass design, analysis, computer simulation, test, forensics, software and project management.  We also team with trusted partners to provide I&C, systems and electrical design solutions.

In 1984, S&A formed an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary, Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC), providing vibration analysis, design and testing services for microelectronics manufacturing and other vibration-sensitive facilities such as hospitals and research laboratories.

S&A has offices in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Phoenix.  Our scope is world-wide, with projects in all of the U.S, Canada, East Asia, Europe and Central America.  If you wish to inquire about our services contact us at any office.